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Tishya Shree is an Indian Author, Motivational speaker and a Doctor by profession. She was born in Darbhanga, Bihar.

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Tishya Shree grew up in a traditional Hindu Family. Her father serves as Renowned Doctor in Bihar. Her mother is social worker along with being a lawyer. Tishya was schooled at Holy Cross School, Darbhanga. She claims to be a great enthusiast towards poetry and writing. She used to pen down her diary entry under the umbrella of emotions. Her melodious voice complemented her skills of being part of many poetry and Singing competitions. Giving voice to owned poetry at childhood really caught attention of parents and teachers. Seeing her name printed in School Magazine encouraged her to continue writing.

Tishya is on verge to be graduated with a MBBS degree this year.

Being passionate for writing, she wrote her first book at the age of 19. The first book was “Dream Bridges Success” which was launched by the Honourable former Governor Of Goa Late Mrs. Mridula Sinha in the premises of Raj Bhawan, Goa. It was also appreciated by a letter by the honourable Vice President of India Mr. M. Venkaiah Naidu.
“Dream Bridges Success” is a motivational book which tells the story of two friends having two different poles of thoughts on success. The book basically gives message that to have a dream is important to be successful and success doesn’t depend upon financial status rather, it depends upon your mental status. The book motivates you to dream at any age, to work and to achieve what you wish for.

In this book Tishya says “Teary eyes are better than dry eyes with no dream”

Writing a motivation book at such a tender age drew reader’s attention and it made a buzz in market. She was awarded as “The Best Debut Indian Author” of the year. A couple of years later, she came up with two new books “You Were My Destiny” & “मैं और मन”.

“You Were My Destiny” holds a magical love story of two souls. In the world of fake feelings, the story shows what true love is. The love, pain, tears, laughters and magical moments of Mihir and Tanisha is imprisoned in the book. The story makes you believe that true love does exist.

Where “मैं और मन” is a collection of Poetries of the author in Hindi and is translated by her in English. The book contains Love, Pain & Life related poetries. According to the author, the title “मैं और मन” gives message that the written lines are the feelings of the reader’s mind. She has tried to pen down the feelings of reader in this book.
Lines from मैं और मन-
लिखे हैं जो हमने, वो शूल बनके चुभेंगे
चाहो जो आज़माना, ये किताब पढ़ लेना…
ज़ख़्म जो क़ैद है इसमें, वो नासूर बनके उभरेंगे
चाहो जो चोट खाना, ये किताब पढ़ लेना…

She has been awarded with the “Atal Mithila Samman” by current Honourable Defence Minister of India, Mr. Rajnath Singh, The Best Debut Indian Author 2018-19, Entitled with “Novodit Pratibha Award” by the Award Council Of India and awarded as “Rashtriya Atal Samman 2021” by the Deputy CM Of Bihar & Member Of Parliament Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad.

After writing three books of three different genres, she is currently working on a completely different subject of a new genre. Her upcoming book could be full of surprises.

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